Bespoke Renaissance Parasol




This parasol is waiting for you, to be completed.

A new, custom, walnut-frame, will be assembled, according to your measurements, and the canopy (as seen) will be attached.  Not everyone is the same height; what is comfortable for carrying and using, for someone who is 5’9″ tall, would not be the same for someone 5’2″ tall.

The walnut-shaft can be left full length, or as with our ‘in house’ frame (seen in the pictures), you can request that the frame be made, so it separates into 2 sections.  Being able to separate the walnut-shaft, into 2 sections, makes it much easier for packing, when travelling to special events.

The ribs (19.25″ long) will be enclosed with dark brown fabric, replicating the look of wood (not shown on the ‘in-house’ frame).  The open-diameter of this particular parasol, is approx. 33″.

The canopy, as shown, is made with green silk taffeta, with a gold silk taffeta lower edge band, and upper trim.  The closure/tie, is braided green thread, with a few ‘gold’ threads, included in the braid work.

NOTE:  All prices are quoted in US$.


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