Black and White Umbrella




A very unique umbrella, not only in terms of the overall design, but also in terms of one of the components – –  the solid walnut shaft, which was hand-constructed, by Joan Barrington, owner of Barrington Brolly.

Since the frame was constructed internally, the length of the finished frame was set at 40″ long, from ferrule tip, to the end of the handle, making this a very unique design.  The image below shows the difference between the length of this umbrella, against the length of a more traditionally constructed umbrella.


The ribs are also slightly longer, at 25″ in length.  With ribs this length, the open diameter coverage is approximately 44″.

The canopy is made of polyester rain fabric, pieced together in this eye-catching color combination.  Of special note – – the off-white fabric, is made from recycled plastics.  It has such a soft luxurious feel.

Truly a one-of-a-kind umbrella, from its total length of 40″, to the extra wide 44″ open diameter, and the kaleidoscope-look of the black, and white, canopy.




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