Brown and Tan Umbrella


The fabrics, used on this umbrella, are a polyester-blend.  Unlike the regular nylon umbrella, this fabric has a lovely texture and feel.  It could very well be the same fabric as your favourite trench coat!  Very sophisticated.

The long, slender handle, is a vintage art-wood handle, that is perfect for a lady’s hand.

And what a lovely hand, it has.  Being a polyester-blend, it does not have the crinkly, slippery feel of nylon.  It could very well be your trench coat fabric!

The long, slender handle, is a lovely vintage art-wood handle, that complements the brown and tan canopy.

And, as we believe the inside of an umbrella should be a nice as the outside, a lovely embroidered center-piece has been added at the top-inside of the canopy.  This embroidered piece, brings together the colors of the canopy, as well as the gold-tone color of the art-wood handle.

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Deceivingly simple design, provides a unique look to this rainy-day umbrella.

And who knows “rainy weather” better than the British?   Besides those of us on the Canadian West Coast, that is!  However, as we don’t make rain fabric here, I imported some from “across the pond”.

Understated, but with a “Wow, look at that umbrella!” element …..


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