A new customer from Kentucky, USA, is looking forward to the 2018 Spring/Summer re-enacting season.  And she’ll be ready, with her reproduction Renaissance period parasol …  but with a twist.   This parasol may imitate the Renaissance period style, but it definitely has 20th century input.  This parasol has a double-canopy.  Both the outer layer and the lining, are the same material – Solarweave(r).

At first glance, the canopy on this parasol, looks like cotton….  but in fact, it is nylon-based, and treated to repel water (for those rain showers), as well as UVA/B rays (for those hot, sunny days).  The result is, this parasol will provide excellent protection to the lady using it, whether it is raining, or the sun is blazing!  Or, on those strange days, when it’s both sunny and raining, all at the same time!

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